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The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau 2012/13 Winter Window Closes

March 1, 2013 09:45AM The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau 2012/13 Winter Window Closes

Waimea Bay, Oahu, HAWAII – (Feb. 27, 2013) – The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau has officially closed its 28th annual holding period. A high surf episode with wave face heights of approximately 18 to 20 feet will be building throughout the day at Waimea Bay tomorrow, but is forecast to fall well short of the event's requirement: 35- to 40-foot faces.


The Hawaiian winter of 2012/13 has been a very active one offering plenty of memorable days of surf, but only a few days in the extra-large to giant category, resulting in a "No Go" for the event. The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau remains the most prestigious and revered event in the world of big wave riding, and has only taken place at Waimea Bay on days of historically huge surf - on average, every three to four years. The last time it was held was in December of 2009, won by California's Greg Long.


As a part of this year's event, we introduced 2 contests in which we celebrated the legacy of Eddie Aikau. In the first, we asked "How do you go?" and looked to fans to share a photo on Instagram tagged with hashtag #EddieWouldGo. We were pleased to have received over 1,600 entries which were featured on our Facebook page.


In the second contest, we set out on a search for those real life heroes who inspire us every day, just like Eddie did and continues to do. The stories we've received exceeded our expectations! The top 25 highest user-voted hero stories will move forward to the next round where our panel of judges including 11x World Champion Kelly Slater and Eddie Invitee Peter Mel will select a grand prize winner who will be rewarded with an all-expense paid trip for 4 to the upcoming 2013/14 Opening Ceremony. Stay tuned for the announcement of the finalists.


The holding period for the 2013/14 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau will commence December 1, 2013, running through February 28, 2014. Mark your calendars for the traditional Opening Ceremony at Waimea Bay on Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 3pm. We look forward to seeing you.


~ Aloha ~


About Eddie Aikau: Just 32 years of age when he was lost at sea during an ill-fated voyage of Hawaii's Hokule'a double-hull sailing canoe in 1978, Aikau was a young man at the height of a career equally dedicated to big-wave riding and lifeguarding at historic Waimea Bay. Filled with a pure passion to ride giant surf, take care of his fellow man, and uphold his Hawaiian culture and family values, Aikau became the benchmark by which all big wave riders are measured.


About Quiksilver: Quiksilver is committed to providing tools for uncovering, expressing and expanding your personal style. Our aim is to foster the sense of individual expression and excitement - the stoke that is the essence of boardriding*. We're also here to spread the word because the only thing better than finding stoke is sharing it.


*Boardriding is about timing and style.  It's youthful, active, casual, and free flowing.  There is no wrong way to ride a board.  The goal is simply to learn, progress, improve, and give it your own interpretation.