Low tide : 07:32/20:03

High tide : 01:26/13:46

cronograma : Winner: Gabriel Medina

ONDAS : 3-5 ft


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Part subtle back-packers philosophy, part "trip" hop lovers daydream, The Nu Lyfe Motif is a head- nod worthy excursion into the meanings of life/lyfe. An odyssey through sound textures and space, The Nu Lyfe Motif is the debut offering from Chicago artist c.tomorrow. Bringing a highly ethereal sense to his music making, tomorrow draws upon the intelligent and the serene. Armed primarily with his voice, he experiments with varying styles from hip hop, experimental, pop and world music and back again. Taking an artistic approach to his unique brand of song making, that eloquently moves from ambient hip hop to Gil Scott Heron-esque chant rhythms, c.tomorrow fuses eclecticism with creative acumen to channel a new voice in the timeline of modern-day lyricist's. On songs like “chasin rainbows,” he accentuates his electronic appreciation with a futuristic boom bap approach. Having performed at such Chicago venues as the Abby Pub, the former Hothouse and as part of the Around the Coyote Winter Art and Music Festival, Tomorrow plans to tour in support of his first album The Nu Lyfe Motif later this year.