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Hailing from Brisbane, Kooii are a seven-piece outfit that has earned a reputation as innovators of an original Afro-reggae sound. Their music is a meeting place, a gathering that celebrates the magic of song and dance. From the vibrant and pulsating groove of Afrobeat through to the hypnotic depths of reggae rhythms, the music is woven into charming song through the exquisite vocals and compositions of singer Peter Hunt.

Over the last seven years they've toured extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand, refining their sound and gathering a devoted following along the way. They've become festival favourites with a dynamic live show, known for working audiences into a dancing frenzy through entrancing and infectious grooves.

Last year Kooii released 'In This Life', a stunning release that captures the vibrant energy of this group in a world-class studio album. 'In This Life', along with their first album 'Beads On A String' is available through Vitamin Records.

At the time of it's release, 'Beads on a String' set a new benchmark for Brisbane reggae music. The distinct jazz influences set Kooii apart, their uniqueness captured perfectly in this much-treasured collection of songs. Recorded in a humble West End studio, the album showcases that brilliance of both producer Paulie B (Beautiful Girls) and chief songwriter Peter Hunt. It remains an album of timeless quality that continues to generate interest and respect for Kooii, both locally and internationally.

Peter Hunt (vocals, trumpet), Lachlan Mitchell (licks guitar), Conan Griffiths (chucks guitar), Darcy McNulty (saxophone), Tom Hinchliffe (bass), Dominic Hede (drums) and Charles Wall (percussion)

Miles Davis, Bob Marley, The Wailers, The Roots, Fat Freddies Drop, Max Romeo, Charles Mingus, Mad Lib, Ruby Blue, Marcello Milani, Ravi Shankar, Afro Dizzi Act, The Necks, Bill Laswell, The Cruel Sea, Hugh Maskela, Fela Kuti, Stevie Wonder, Katchafire, John Coltrane, Tinawuran, Ernest Ranglin, Herbie Hancock, The Meters,