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So Sique has based his life around music since the 4th grade. Listening to B.B. King and Louis Armstrong as a child he grew fond of expressing his inner most emotions through music. In his early college years before he ever wrote a single hip hop verse he published “Frame of Mind” a collection of poetry with the largest publishing company in America.

Long time MC and Friend “Young Hope” persuaded him into transitioning his poetry into music. At this time So Sique was born and in 2007 he released his first solo project “The Luv Sique Mixtape”. Students around the University of North Texas, in Denton, quickly caught on to his catchy rhymes and abstract syntax and his fan base began from there. Later that year So Sique Teamed up with Young Hope to form the Hip Hop duo known as “iLLmaculate Conception” in order to bring back the love for music he felt as a child.

Performing at Venue's across Denton and Dallas the duo picked up and coming Lyricist “Polk Fiction”, in which So Sique had mentored throughout High School. In the summer of 2008 Young Hope left iLLmaculate Conception to pursue his solo music career and the next year the group went on the release their group Mixtape “The Monet”. So Sique released his very own Mixtape in summer 2009 called “The Magna Cum Laude” to show his fans his progression as an artist. iLLmaculate Conception went on to light up the stages through Downtown Dallas winning every competion they have ever entered and eventually being invited to Perform Live with Iconic Jam band “Colab”. Crowds poured in the doors to hear the style So Sique pioneered that he calls “Abstract Rap”, this is where he puts together words that sound alike and takes away the extra words and still makes the random verbiage make sense. Most Recently So Sique has teamed up with “Mak”, up and coming R&B artist to record the single “I'm a Balla” and in five days the songs was being played in St. Louis on the late night Hot or Not slot.

So Sique has made it his mission to restore love for music itself back into Hip Hop and become the front runner in the movement of lyricist into the industry. Bringing his experience living in one of the most dangerous areas of Dallas, and spreading inspiration to young and old alike, So Sique aims to become an example to all musicians, artist, and authors alike to love what they do. Taking years to master his craft, he has become one of the most versatile Lyricist of his time being able to make music about Love, War, the brightest places in ones imagination, and the darkest depths of the slums, he is one of the few young MC's who can appeal to every listener, and respected by artist universally.