Official forecast

Low tide : 03:39/15:49

High tide : 21:34/09:38

開催日程 : Owen Wright wins

: 6-8ft+

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AKA: Slates, Slats, Jimmy Slade, KS10

DOB: February 11, 1972

Born: Cocoa Beach, Florida USA

Resides: Cocoa Beach, FL; Santa Barbara, CA; Gold Coast, AUS

Website: www.kellyslater.com

Height: 5'9” (175 cm)

Weight: 160 lbs (72.5 kg)

Stance: Natural (Regular)

Sponsors: Quiksilver wetsuits, clothing and eyewear, FCS fins and Komunity Project accessories, Channel Islands Surfboards

Shaper: Al Merrick (Channel Islands) and myself

Magic Stick: 5'9” round tail Semi Pro, Thruster/Quad setup

Training Ground: Small Cocoa Beach (Makes you hungry and appreciative)

Favorite Wave: Soup Bowls, Pipeline and Cloudbreak

Favorite Maneuver: Rodeo Clowns and Big Barrels

Inspirations: Andy Irons, Shane Dorian, Josh Kerr and Dane Reynolds