Best wipe out
LOCAL TIME : July 23, 2014 09:43:47

Event is


Live is



8 -9 ft


Low 02:44 - 15:12
High 08:55 - 21:31

weather : Sunny

Wind : light

programme : Winner: Mick FANNING!!!

updated : Oct 2th - 1PM

2010-09-25 18:09:42

DC FMX training in Hossegor

At the Quiksilver Pro France, the only French stage of the ASP Men's World Surfing Championships, Quiksilver and DC are joining forces to put on a stunning (and free) opening evening, at the Place des Landais in Hossegor this night (September 25th 2010)


The "DC ALL IN SHOW" – 8pm - 10.30pm

For close to two and a half hours, DC will be taking concert-goers on a journey of discovery into its universe. On the programme: FMX show, live vidjing (skate, snow, surf) and an exclusive presentation of Gymkhana 3 in the presence of Ken Block… Hold on tight!


The evening will kick off with a FMX demonstration at the Place des Landais, featuring icons of the genre including Robbie Maddison (Aus), star of the last X Games, Nate Adams (USA) and Adam Jones (USA), all members of Team DC. Not forgetting Charles Pages and other guests, who'll be completing this exceptional line-up of riders.