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2010-09-20 15:51:29

Lee-Ann CURREN’s project : Surf And Hope

This project is the fruit of her travels and encounters with the inhabitants of the favela, Titanzinho, located just outside the town of Fortaleza in Brazil, the home-town of her boyfriend, the pro surfer André Silva.


Lee-Ann was deeply affected by the misery and the many social illnesses's (drugs, alcoholism and violence), which particularly threaten the youngest members of the society. As a way of offering them an alternative to a delinquent lifestyle, she took some photos to help share the daily life of these forgotten faces in order to generate support and raise funds. This will pay for surfboards that will be given to children of the favelas.


Lee-Ann has collected through her travels, a unique collection of a dozen or so surfboards generously donated by prestigious surfers such as Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, Jérémy Florès, Mick Fanning and Tom Curren.


The boards will be sold on-site at the Quik Pro in the Quiksilver Foundation tent at the price of 1000 euros in aid of her association Surf And Hope


One pro board = 1000€ for Titanzinho's children

For more informations, the teaser of the project is availiable at