Kelly conditions
LOCAL TIME : July 23, 2014 15:39:16



Live is



8 A 9 PÉS


Low 02:44 - 15:12
High 08:55 - 21:31

Clima : Sunny

vento : moderado

programme : Winner: Mick FANNING!!!

Atualizado : Oct 2th - 1PM

2010-08-16 18:27:42

Quiksilver Pro France, as if you were there...

This year, the Quiksilver Pro France has once again established live production facilities for high quality, high definition programming, to allow millions of Internet users to follow the entire event live. In addition to the competition results in real time, commentary will be provided in many languages by specialists and pro surfers, with other features including the 'Heat on demand' - best of the best waves of each series - and the distribution of 'broadcast' images for television feeds.

For the first time iPhone users will be able to follow the Quiksilver Pro France via 3G and wireless, by uploading Quiksilver and Quiksilverlive applications.