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LOCAL TIME : August 1, 2014 05:33:52



Live is



8 A 9 PÉS


Low 02:15 - 14:28
High 08:23 - 20:39

Clima : Sunny

vento : moderado

programme : Winner: Mick FANNING!!!

Atualizado : Oct 2th - 1PM

2010-10-01 17:42:20

Surf & Hope Prize Draw

After the screening of 'Scratching the Surface', Julian Wilson and Lee-Ann Curren did a prize draw to win one of Julian's pro surf boards. The winner, Martin, had just by coincidence surfed that day, with Julien also in the water, and broke his board! What surpise he got when Julien announced the winner! More than 1000 tickets were sold, the proceedings of which will all go to Lee Ann's association 'Surf & Hope' that helps children from Brazilian favela Tintanzinho. Other boards belonging to the Pro's (Mike Fanning, Tom Curren, Jeremy Flores...) are still on sale on the competition site, and all money raised will go towards the children of the favela and to build a safe residence.