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LOCAL TIME : August 23, 2014 17:07:12



Live is



8 A 9 PÉS


Low 04:12 - 16:27
High 10:16 - 22:42

Clima : Sunny

vento : moderado

programme : Winner: Mick FANNING!!!

Atualizado : Oct 2th - 1PM

2010-08-23 08:53:40

JAMAICA in Concert at the Quiksilver Pro France

After Jack Johnson, Keziah Jones, Luke, El Presidente and Yuksek whose live electro performance delighted and excited more than 10,000 people in 2009, this year Quiksilver is presenting the electro / rock group JAMAICA live in a free concert at Hossegor.


JAMAICA (formerly Pony Pony), a duo comprising of Antoine Hilaire and Florent Lyonnet, familiar faces within the Ed Banger connection (electro label founded by Pedro Winter former manager of Daft Punk) have assumed his rock and pop influences as well as an affiliation with leading stars of the made in France electro genre such as Phoenix and Justice. Moreover, none other than Xavier de Rosnay (Justice) has produced the excellent debut album from Jamaica, 'No problem'. Visit Place des Landais, Hossegor, on Saturday, September 25, 2010 for the live concert performance by JAMAICA presented as part of the Quiksilver Pro France 2010 events.