Best wipe out
LOCAL TIME : August 23, 2014 13:19:39



Live is



8 A 9 PÉS


Low 04:12 - 16:27
High 10:16 - 22:42

Clima : Sunny

vento : moderado

programme : Winner: Mick FANNING!!!

Atualizado : Oct 2th - 1PM

2010-09-14 15:00:00

DC all in show

At the Quiksilver Pro France, the only French stage of the ASP Men's World Surfing Championships, Quiksilver and DC are joining forces to put on a stunning (and free) opening evening, at the Place des Landais in Hossegor on Saturday, September 25th 2010


The "DC ALL IN SHOW" – 8pm - 10.30pm

For close to two and a half hours, DC will be taking concert-goers on a journey of discovery into its universe. On the programme: FMX show, live vidjing (skate, snow, surf) and an exclusive presentation of Gymkhana 3 in the presence of Ken Block… Hold on tight!


The evening will kick off with a FMX demonstration at the Place des Landais, featuring icons of the genre including Robbie Maddison (Aus), star of the last X Games, Nate Adams (USA) and Adam Jones (USA), all members of Team DC. Not forgetting Charles Pages and other guests, who'll be completing this exceptional line-up of riders.


That will be followed by a "Live Vidjing" show combining the best action video sequences featuring Team DC, with breathtaking sound and lighting effects in a spectacular new audiovisual experience.


The "DC ALL In Show" will round off with the exclusive presentation of  GYMKHANA 3* in the presence of KEN BLOCK.
Co-founder of the DC brand, a subsidiary of Quiksilver, and a successful WRC rally driver, Ken Block became an Internet sensation with his adventures and skills at the wheel. Acrobatic sequences featuring Ken Block's exploits in his rally car shot straight to the top of the viral video charts, and have clocked up over 70 million views. The forthcoming release of Gymkhana 3 is already generating unprecedented levels of anticipation. In it, Block and his 2011 Ford stretches the laws of inertia to new limits with expertly controlled drifts to the last millimetre.  The video has an exclusive soundtrack by The Cool Kids and an aesthetically superb and spectacular production. Not for the faint-hearted!