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The SideTracked Fiasco are a Sydney based band known for their original and infectious blend of funk, punk, hip-hop, reggae, ska, progressive and straight up heavy rock. When on stage the band are known for their penchant for red body paint, masks and an occasional arse cheek or two, they are also said to have a tendency to compromise a hotel room. Employing a strong emphasis on solid song writing, musical dexterity and a performance with the energy of punk rock, the band draws its musical inspiration from surfing, good times, intimacy and all those things in life that build you up and knock you down.

Having formed in 2006 by brothers Ryan and Luke Miller after singer/songwriter Ryan had initially started Sidetracked as a solo project, the pair placed an ad in Drum Media where they were quick to secure bassist Johnny O'Donnell (Disturbed [1995], Dirty Sanchez [2000]).  Luke left the band in early 2007 and friend Jeremy Pendergast was then recruited to fill on the drums. The current line-up was finally completed in 2009 when Tim Cameron (Disorin [2006-08]) joined them on guitar.

STF's sound has been compared to the likes of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Faith No More, Sublime, Infectious Grooves, System of a Down and Mammal to name a few. The music contains the rhythm and feel found in early hip-hop and funk, the urgency and speed of punk, and the structuring and experimentation of progressive rock and has been described as having “enough bass to melt your face off”.

The band has recorded their self-titled EP ‘The SideTracked Fiasco' which they are due to release and tour Nationally in late 2011. They are currently editing the film clip for the single ‘BD Zero Zero' for release in June, and are already planning to head back to the studio to record a full length album in early 2012.

STF have already performed at many iconic Sydney venues such as The Metro Theatre, The Annandale, The Excelsior and The Hopetoun Hotel and cities along the Australian East Coast including Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. The band has won an award for best bass player at the Emergenza band competition where they were finalists. They have played charitable events including Cocktober Fest at the Greenroom in Canberra (all funds raised were donated to help fight prostate cancer) and an all ages show at The Fitz Café (for National Anti-Drug Week run by Kuring-gai Council). The band has been featured in Drum Media's ‘Have you Heard...?' section which profiles up and coming artists, and have also been featured on Volume 41 of Skratch Magazines promotional CD where copies were distributed at selected Warped Tour dates throughout the U.S.A.

With more energy than a Red Bull, heavy-driving slap bass lines and contagious genre infused funk, The SideTracked Fiasco are a new breed of Australian rock band leaving a trail of converted fans everywhere they play.