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Southern California Melodic Hardcore band, No Bragging Rights have just released their latest track "Unafraid to Burn". Streamlining their signature sound, the band was determined to release something heavier, catchier, and more intersting than anything they had previously written. After tracking 2 new songs at Lambesis Studio (As I Lay Dying) the band is ready to kick off 2010 with a bang. Headlining the Atticus - Loch Ness MonsTOUR, No Bragging Rights will be doing their 6th full U.S. Tour from August to September.


No Bragging Rights, also widely known as “NBR”, began to take it's present shape in the summer of 2005. Leading up to that point, the band had been a veteran of the southern California pop punk scene.


When NBR began work on their first self released full length album, “Because You Believe...” the band was at a crossroads. Member changes and new ideas took them in a heavier, more hardcore oriented direction. The early 2006 release was well received in the local scene, and helped establish the band outside of their home town.


“The Anatomy of a Martyr” EP released in the summer of 2007, and catapulted NBR to the national stage. Relentless DIY touring grew the band exponentially and attracted the attention of Pure Noise Entertainment. The label re-released “The Anatomy of a Martyr” in 2008, and in the spring of 2009 debuted “The Consequence of Dreams” LP.


Only the intense 23 flavors of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper can quench NBR's thirst for glory and world domination. May we never run dry.