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While Hope Against Hope are new to the Los Angeles scene, the band is composed of a group of veteran musicians who's experience and smarts have been honed over a ten year period.

Chief songwriter, bassist and frontman Andy Francis has penned a selection of new material that draws from a thread of cherished and respected elements. The beauty of these simple and honest songs is that whether presented as full band arrangements or with a solo vocal accompanied by a six string acoustic guitar they stand up as focused, crafted and real.

With a tip of the hat to tested favorites like Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music and even the mighty Husker Du, Hope Against Hope bring it hard and bring it home.

The band has spent their summer vacation in the rehearsal room and recording studio with veteran producer Steve Kravac. Steve's work with the bands MxPx, Less Than Jake and Blink 182 was a perfect fit for what Hope Against Hope wanted to accomplish in a debut recording. The partnership has brought forth a direct take on Andy's songs that punk and alt-rock fans will get on the first listen.

The three-piece line up, rounded out by Matt Sekanick on guitars and Matt Raminick on the drum kit, has toured extensively under different monikers. The boys have shared the stage with Yellowcard, Buck O Nine and Homegrown in their home state of Florida and up and down the east coast. But that is in the past. All efforts are now focused on bringing these new songs and sounds to as many music fans in as many locals as possible.

Look for Hope Against Hope as they begin bringing a fresh attitude towards playing rock music that seems to have been all but forgotten. Honesty.